Behind the Scenes: Free Shipping on All SUP Board Packages

It’s been said a lot, but we love what we do at POP. After all, we spend our days designing, shaping, manufacturing, and shipping paddle boards and paddle board accessories for a living; what’s not to love? It’s hard to consider working at POP a job as we collectively see it as an opportunity to think outside the box and provide share our love for the sport with millions around the world.

There’s nothing quite like starting each morning with a fresh batch of board orders in our inbox waiting to be processed. The rest of the day is spent in-and-out of creative meetings while we watch orders continue to trickle in. The bottom line is that our company’s existence wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers, ambassadors, and loyal supporters. We are grateful for the opportunity to create and sell products for the sole purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle of fitness, adventure, and fun.  POP will continue offering on FREE SHIPPING and a FREE PADDLE on all of our SUP board packages as a token of our gratitude.

We wanted to take this opportunity illustrate what a typical day in POP’s west coast offices looks like.

Same POP Paddleboards; All New Web Experience.

Check out POP’s new digs. As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit by overhauling the entire site; and by “overhaul” we mean redesigning and redeveloping it from the ground up. “Why?” you might ask. Mainly because we want to offer our customers a more polished and user-friendly experience while browsing our wares online. Also, we just like the way it looks.

Some new additions besides the design updates include additional board specs;  from basics like length, width, weight, and thickness to detailed product descriptions and board construction. It’s never been easier to find the perfect board for your riding style.  We’ve also added more POP accessories for you to complete your purchase.  Check them out HERE.

Many of you have asked us questions about how to keep your POP gear in tip-top shape.  Good news!  We’ve added some great information regarding best practices, board care and maintenance, storage, transportation, and general tips. We’ll continue adding plenty of information to remain an industry-recognized online resource for all thing stands up paddle board. After all, knowledge is power.

There’s no doubt that change can be scary, but you can rest easy knowing that a lot of the important stuff has stayed the same. POP is still committed to offering high quality paddle boards and carefully crafted accessories at affordable prices. We will also maintain our reputation for unmatched customer service and in-depth industry knowledge. Remember how we were offering FREE shipping and a FREE paddle on all SUP board packages? Yeah, we’re still doing that. It’s a deal so good we have to capitalize the word “free” twice! POP is also proud to still be member #2893 of 1% for the Planet, and continues to donate 1% of all revenues to promote positive environmental change.  So while a lot has changed, we have managed to keep all of our core principles the same.

Browse through the site and let us know what you think. It’s your honest feedback [that] allows us to continue being the grounded company that we are. Feel free to check out our BLOG and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on sales, specials, events, and industry happenings.

Some say that we’re growing bigger. We like to think we’re growing better. Welcome to POP 2.0.