POP Paddleboards Welcomes New VP to the team!

POP Paddleboards is stoked to announce the newest addition to the crew! Joe Sabina, will be the brand Vice President alongside POP Paddleboard Founder, Nick Lanfranco. The team plan to take the brand to new heights among many visions they foresee within the paddleboard industry.

“We took our time searching for a qualified person who shares the same business spirit and vision that we have for SUP industry,” said Lanfranco. “Joe is sharp. The whole camp including myself is excited to welcome him into his leadership position as the new VP of POP Paddleboards. His “Joe-ism” is going to be a great compliment to the brand.”

Hailing from Laguna Niguel, California, Sabina has always carried a passion for the water as well as board sports, especially as a grom being slashed around Salt Creek Beach’s sandy barrels and rocky point breaks in Dana Point.

“A few years ago, thanks to Nick, I’ve become a big fan of the sport,” said Sabina. “It’s just a different way of surfing and you can do it just for exercise and cross-training, which I really appreciate.”

At the eager age of 9 years, Sabina hopped onto his first surfboard and the rest is waterman history.

“My friend’s older brother took us out surfing on body boards,” said Sabina. “He gave me one of his old boards which had been in the sun so much that it turned brown. So of course we painted it red and black stripes with white stars and thought it was super cool.”

Sand bars and point breaks awoke a monster as Sabina tackled each board sport after his beginner’s initiation and hasn’t stopped since. From surf to skate to snow and now paddle, Sabina is what we consider a well-rounded individual who has some exciting goals and concepts for Pop.

“I want to genuinely help customers,” said Sabina. “Whether it’s just one person who wants a few boards to start their own rental outfit or if it’s somebody who wants to be a large-scale distributor, I want to make sure that our clients are successful.”

As business developed, Sabina and Lanfranco began to open the doors to smaller scale   Paddleboard operations.

“They’ve become really good producers for us,” said Sabina. “They start off by renting out a few boards to family and friends and before you know it, they become the go-to person in their community for paddleboarding.”

Lanfranco and Sabina continue to service customers, both big and small, with well-touted personalized customer service that echoes the brand’s vision of exploration, fitness, water-obsessed fun-loving nature geeks to the fullest scale.

“I wants to call at least one wholesale partner a day and just check in and make sure they are happy,” said Sabina. “Relationship management is a big part of what I enjoy. I think that’s where I get a lot of my joy is seeing the success of different wholesale accounts.”

Lanfranco and Sabina–now partners in crime, are aiming to take POP to a new level with innovative board designs, business and relationship management as well as bringing it back POP’s roots: creating a fun atmosphere–both in and out of the water.

“Working with Nick is like working with your best friend,” said Sabina. “ I feel good about the brand and the crew I’m working with.

Hey Joe-whaddaya know–We had to ask a few more critical questions, of course:

POP: Slater or Reynolds?

Joe: Slater.

POP: Favorite song to sing in the shower?

Joe: Dean Martin’s “Volare”

POP: Product you can’t live without?

Joe:  My tent–I like to camp.

POP: Breakfast is…?

Joe: A hobo breakfast: eggs, potatoes and cheese

POP: Stranded on an island, what’s your one thing you have to have?

Joe: Flint–I need to make fire.

POP: PETA stands for…?

Joe: The People who protect animals?

POP: Random fact.

Joe: It is very dangerous to be around squirrels in Yosemite. They have the plague and people are getting sick.

POP: Save the whales because…?

Joe: They’re beautiful and they’re important to the eco system.