Design Process at POP

There is a method to the madness here at the POP camp. Through innovation and detailed craftsmanship, we pride ourselves as an authentic standup paddleboard company, crafting almost every style of paddleboarding in the marketplace. From surf models to race models, to our newest creation of kids models (launching soon), we take the design process through a unique and comprehensive journey. Let’s dive into our process.

1 – Inspiration:
The key points behind our board inspirations involve a whirlwind of creative juices. “Once I see a certain color scheme or certain shape that catches my attention, everything just stops,” says Nick, Founder of Pop Paddleboards. Day in and day out the collective creativity never stops at POP Camp.

2 – Shape:
Boards come in all shapes and sizes, and at POP, we strive to design a shape for every type of rider. As stated by Nick, “this is the one area in the design process that has a purpose,” because it dictates the style and direction the board will go. Choosing the ideal and perfect shape dimension for each board is the key to providing each and every rider with the best possible experience on the water. No matter what level you are, we want you to reach your highest potential when you ride one of our boards.

3 – Design Concepts:
Design creation is the most exciting part of this process as the creative ideas come to life digitally, which Nick says “is when the fun begins!” After we’ve locked in the shape that we want to use, we start playing around with the design package and begin piecing the whole board together. Design concepts take time to develop, and we always put a lot of time and thought into this step to ensure that we provide our riders with the perfect board.

4 – Go to Market Graphic Package:
After we’ve designed the board, its time to put those designs through the process of elimination. Once we play with the design package, we can have five to fifteen different color concepts, but only one or two will be released to the market. So how do we narrow it down? We choose what we feel will be the most attractive and most complementary colors to the shape and purpose of the board.

5 – Manufacturing:

There are many ways to make a paddleboard in today’s marketplace, but there’s only one way to make it right. “Playing around with new materials can be dangerous, but also exciting – so this is where we stick to what works. Every board that I design, I ride and will also personally sell”, says Nick. At POP paddleboards, we love what we do, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for 2019.

6 – R&D:
Now we start to know the stoke is real. Having the board in your hands, throwing it in the back of your truck, shooting down on your local break – that’s what it’s all about. As a board designer, seeing your art come to life comes with a lot of anxiety, it can even take the fun out of paddleboarding – but at POP, that’s impossible.  We ride the board for it’s intended use and pass it down to our brand ambassadors and at that point, we all share an “aha” moment and gear up to release the board to the marketplace.

7 – Perfecting the recipes:
We continue to improve and perfect our craft, striving to make each and every board better than the ones before. Product quality is our jam here at POP, and throughout the years we’ve seen our product push the boundaries of paddleboarding, and our company has grown because of it. At POP Paddleboards, we love what we do, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for 2019.

8 – Enjoy the Board:

A lot of hard work and soul goes to each and every board that we manufacture. What we envision comes to life and our “Made for Making” motto will always live up to its status. Every step of the way we ensure that our customers will receive and ride the best board on the market. At POP, we enjoy the designing of our boards as much as we enjoy riding them – and we hope you do too!

At POP Paddleboards, we pride ourselves in providing sleek and attractive boards at an affordable price. We have just as good of a time designing our boards as we do riding them. We’re a SUP brand with a purpose – we’re here to manufacture your next adventure.