AAA Westways Magazine Feature: First-Time Guide to Paddleboarding

Westways Magazine asked POP Paddleboards for a first time guide to paddleboarding.  Naturally, we were ready to help!

Here’s a short snippet of the article:

Choose the Right Board

SUP surfboards and SUP race boards are the two most popular board forms, although many people are experimenting with different ways to utilize SUP boards. SUP surfboards tend to be shorter, between 7 and 11 feet, whereas SUP race boards range from 12.5 feet to a towering 19 feet. SUP surfboards are an ideal choice for first-timers because their greater width offers increased stability. However, you may need to experiment to find the best board for you.

Dress for Success
No matter the season, your dress options should embody one word: waterproof. Beginners might even want to wear a wet suit. Even if you don’t expect to fall into the water, Rojas recommends water-repellent clothing, a hat, or a UV-protective rash guard. You’ll also want to apply plenty of sunscreen. In addition, California law mandates that anyone using a SUP board with a paddle must wear a life jacket.

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