Ambassador Spotlight: Mike H.

Every once in a while at POP we take the time to showcase seemingly ordinary folks who perform some extraordinary feats, on and off the ocean.

We would like you to meet Mike. Mike doesn’t surf, he’s not a paddle boarder, and we’re pretty sure he can’t even swim.  It’s safe to say he’s not your stereotypical waterman, ripped and draped from head to toe in tribal tattoos. He’s a regular guy who works a regular job manipulating website code (We don’t even want to know what that means).  On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be too much to Mike.

So why have we decided to shine the spotlight on him? Because Mike is the shit. He’s the type of guy who chooses to spend his hard earned vacation days making the world a better place. That’s right; the two weeks he is afforded each year to take care of himself he takes care of others in need. Does he do this by anonymously donating mountains of money to nonprofit organizations? No. He personally visits orphanage after orphanage, doing whatever he can to make a child’s life brighter. Dude, the guy has built a house. A HOUSE. Cliché or not, it’s people like Mike that restore our faith in humanity.

POP Paddleboards is not all about big names or the “who’s who” in the industry. It’s not just about good paddle boarders, it’s about good people. Good people who are too easily and often overlooked, yet do more for our planet than anyone would ever guess. That’s why Mike is the shit and that’s why we’ve shone the light on him.

In recognition of his actions, POP Paddleboards would like to award Mike with a free Green 10’6” Classico along swimming lessons at Swim Safe Swim School ( in Orange, CA. Thanks Mike.
If you would like to be featured on POP’s next ambassador spotlight send us an email telling us why you’ve got what it takes. Next winner will receive a free hat!

Now get to the water.