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Ambassador Spotlight: Mike H.

Every once in a while at POP we take the time to showcase seemingly ordinary folks who perform some extraordinary feats, on and off the ocean. We would like you to meet Mike. Mike doesn’t surf, he’s not a paddle boarder, and we’re pretty sure he can’t even swim.  It’s safe to say he’s not […]

Too Much Water for Hate

The ocean is a large and unpredictable place. Tides rise and fall, temperatures fluctuate, waves form, and sands shift. However, across all oceans and beaches there is one constant: a bitter rivalry amongst watermen. Body boarders despising short boarders, short boarders annoyed with long boarders, and long boarders sick of paddle boarders. It is to […]

Poppin’ New Years

On behalf of the crew and ambassadors at POP Paddleboards we would like to send out our good vibes and wish everyone a killer 2013. We have a feeling that this is going to be an unforgettable year with plenty of sunshine, surf, and great opportunities to stand up and paddle.  We realize how lucky […]

About POP Paddleboards

We aim to tear down the walls and eliminate the barriers of water sports. POP’s primary mission is to make stand up paddle boarding accessible to anyone and everyone, from fresh water rivers and lakes to salt water oceans. Simply put, POP is a culmination of people who are attracted to water and love being […]