POP at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

POP Paddleboards is excited to announce that we will be attending the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show July 23-26, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. This is the first OR Summer Show held in the Mile High City.

We will be there to meet with our current retailers, brand ambassadors, and more industry folk, and look forward to provide the best Tylenol to the SUP industry. Swing by our booth to get downloaded or just swing in for a fist pump and thug hug. We will be exclusively debuting 2 more inflatable lines and showing our rigid collection that still does incredibly well globally.

The POP Crew is FIRED UP to be at the OR Summer Show and we hope that everyone can see that we are the tastemakers in the paddleboards industry. The difference between a SUP Company and a SUP Brand is purpose. A SUP Company works for profit, a SUP Brand works for purpose. POP Paddleboards is a brand with purpose. Our purpose is to make good moments and memories with our products. We are Made for Making your next unforgettable experience out on the water.

Register to attend the largest outdoor industry trade show on their website: https://www.outdoorretailer.com/ . We will see you there!

Jaeger Johnson joins POP

“It was a long night,” said POP Paddleboards’ newest addition Jaeger Johnson as he stepped into the POP HQ on a sunny afternoon. POP VP of sales, Joe Sabina, took the Calgary born Canadian out for a night on the town. What did Jaeger have to say about the experience? “I’m still dizzy – need water,” he quipped.

Jaeger is part of the dream team of a selected group to help expand the POP brand across Canada.

Jaeger grew up on a healthy diet of sports. “Yes, I played hockey – but we all don’t play,” he jokes. “I actually was part of a swim team, the speedos were very comfortable.”

Aside from that, Jaeger fell in love with surfing, snowboarding and the action sports culture surrounding it. “The water is definitely my favorite place to be,” he said. “My all time favorite SUP spot is right in my backyard. A five minute walk and I’m there – Calgary is a pretty magical place.”

The introduction came from Nick Lanfranco, POP founder, when Jaeger’s family came to visit California. “I stepped on a board in Laguna Beach and started taking swells to the face the whole time,” Jaeger remembers. “After about an hour of getting my ass kicked, I started to get the hang of it and have been hooked ever since.” Jaeger continues to go back to that day when it comes to explaining what POP is all about.

“Talk about a Made for Making moment,” Jaeger says. “I got out of the water loving the sport and having a new respect for Mother Nature.” Those memories are what Jaeger brings back with him when it comes to the POP brand in Canada. “Why I’m addicted to this industry is the culture,” Jaeger said. “We paddle these spots together, we ride these boards together. It’s that common ground that brings us together.”

Jaeger, who got his start in fitness sales, will be hyper focused in Alberta and Ontario. Nick is more than excited to have the spirit of Jaeger in our brand. “He’s professional, people enjoy his company, and he believes in our brand philosophy,” Nick said.

Jaeger says it’s that idea that makes him proud to be part of the team. “The people behind this brand have a vision for the industry,” he says. “The idea is think big, act local. Let’s do this Canada.”


Beat The Street Heat

It’s summertime! That means friends, bonfires, and WATER. The heat isn’t always this exciting. All that black tar, warming up in the sun just doesn’t seem like a good time. But you know what is? Conquering that summer swelter and taking off to the nearest body of water!

POP up and paddle, Beat the Street Heat.

Whether you’re practicing downward dog on the water in Redondo Beach California, fishing on Minnesota’s Lake Nisswa, or cruising through quietly on Sauble Lake in Ontario, cool off and get out on the water.

Beat the Street Heat.

Made for Making

Are we the right brand for you?

Trailblazing your local water front. Each time we paddle out, we know that a new adventure is waiting for us.
POP understands the wants and needs of this culture because we live it. We check the conditions every morning. We’ve felt the sun on our shoulders. We know the excitement of discovering a new spot. We’ve looked out at the horizon, and had our breath taken away time, and time again.

Our founder said it best, “My focus wasn’t to build another SUP company; it was to build a community and to become a brand for purpose not just profit.” – Nick Lanfranco.
This approach is why we are the fastest growing SUP brand.

Yes.. we’re known for our vibrant and retro designs, but it doesn’t stop there. Our best innovators are our loyal customers and we take all of your ideas to heart.

Whether you’re taking the day to relax in the open water, setting foot on your first board, or prepping for the next SUP competition, we want to know how you feel. Our customer feedback is what gives our brand life. We invite you to POPUp and Paddle and reach back out to us!

Making waves in the SUP & fitness industry!

Posted Jan 05, 2016, OC Register

“Forget everything you think you know about stand-up paddleboarding. Founder and CEO of Pop Paddleboards Nick Lanfranco is aiming to revolutionize the industry with brighter colors, lighter boards and trend-setting outerwear.”


POP Paddleboards Welcomes New VP to the team!

POP Paddleboards is stoked to announce the newest addition to the crew! Joe Sabina, will be the brand Vice President alongside POP Paddleboard Founder, Nick Lanfranco. The team plan to take the brand to new heights among many visions they foresee within the paddleboard industry.

“We took our time searching for a qualified person who shares the same business spirit and vision that we have for SUP industry,” said Lanfranco. “Joe is sharp. The whole camp including myself is excited to welcome him into his leadership position as the new VP of POP Paddleboards. His “Joe-ism” is going to be a great compliment to the brand.”

Hailing from Laguna Niguel, California, Sabina has always carried a passion for the water as well as board sports, especially as a grom being slashed around Salt Creek Beach’s sandy barrels and rocky point breaks in Dana Point.

“A few years ago, thanks to Nick, I’ve become a big fan of the sport,” said Sabina. “It’s just a different way of surfing and you can do it just for exercise and cross-training, which I really appreciate.”

At the eager age of 9 years, Sabina hopped onto his first surfboard and the rest is waterman history.

“My friend’s older brother took us out surfing on body boards,” said Sabina. “He gave me one of his old boards which had been in the sun so much that it turned brown. So of course we painted it red and black stripes with white stars and thought it was super cool.”

Sand bars and point breaks awoke a monster as Sabina tackled each board sport after his beginner’s initiation and hasn’t stopped since. From surf to skate to snow and now paddle, Sabina is what we consider a well-rounded individual who has some exciting goals and concepts for Pop.

“I want to genuinely help customers,” said Sabina. “Whether it’s just one person who wants a few boards to start their own rental outfit or if it’s somebody who wants to be a large-scale distributor, I want to make sure that our clients are successful.”

As business developed, Sabina and Lanfranco began to open the doors to smaller scale   Paddleboard operations.

“They’ve become really good producers for us,” said Sabina. “They start off by renting out a few boards to family and friends and before you know it, they become the go-to person in their community for paddleboarding.”

Lanfranco and Sabina continue to service customers, both big and small, with well-touted personalized customer service that echoes the brand’s vision of exploration, fitness, water-obsessed fun-loving nature geeks to the fullest scale.

“I wants to call at least one wholesale partner a day and just check in and make sure they are happy,” said Sabina. “Relationship management is a big part of what I enjoy. I think that’s where I get a lot of my joy is seeing the success of different wholesale accounts.”

Lanfranco and Sabina–now partners in crime, are aiming to take POP to a new level with innovative board designs, business and relationship management as well as bringing it back POP’s roots: creating a fun atmosphere–both in and out of the water.

“Working with Nick is like working with your best friend,” said Sabina. “ I feel good about the brand and the crew I’m working with.

Hey Joe-whaddaya know–We had to ask a few more critical questions, of course:

POP: Slater or Reynolds?

Joe: Slater.

POP: Favorite song to sing in the shower?

Joe: Dean Martin’s “Volare”

POP: Product you can’t live without?

Joe:  My tent–I like to camp.

POP: Breakfast is…?

Joe: A hobo breakfast: eggs, potatoes and cheese

POP: Stranded on an island, what’s your one thing you have to have?

Joe: Flint–I need to make fire.

POP: PETA stands for…?

Joe: The People who protect animals?

POP: Random fact.

Joe: It is very dangerous to be around squirrels in Yosemite. They have the plague and people are getting sick.

POP: Save the whales because…?

Joe: They’re beautiful and they’re important to the eco system.

Pop Welcomes Sage Paddle Co. to the Family!

While most 12 year old girls spend their spring break and summer vacations soaking up the sun, listening to tunes or developing summer crushes, Sage Offutt decided to take her fun-in-the-sun activity to the next level on the crystal clear waters of Navarre, Florida. The chipper 12 year-old Colorado native has opened her own paddleboard rental business, Sage Paddle Co., featuring the latest Pop Paddleboards and hasn’t looked back since.

“Every time we go paddleboarding as a family, we would get questions like ‘oh my gosh, where did you rent the boards and where can I get one?’” Offutt told Pop. “So we started to see that there was a need on the island for this. We are a very outdoorsy family and love any activity in general.”

After taking a small loan out from her parents, Offutt invested in six paddleboards under the condition that she pay them back by the end of the summer.

“Within 17 days after the first rental, I had not only paid my parents back for all six boards, but I had also invested in a golf cart to go with a trailer that we already had for the paddleboards.” said Offutt.

What started as a business conducted virtually over the web has since blossomed into a physical location for Offutt’s booming business. The young pre-teen has partnered with REMAX Vacation Rentals on Narvarre Beach as their official supplier of six ocean kayaks as well as over two dozen paddleboards.

After scouring the web for paddleboard companies, Offutt concluded that Pop Paddleboards resonated with Sage Paddle Co.’s life style.

“Pop has the same goals and passions that we do,” said Offutt. “We looked at the model of the boards, how they’re built and they’re really good boards.”

Most importantly Pop shares the same value as Sage Paddle Co.’s motto, which originated from Offutt’s grandma: “Live life to it’s fullest and without regret.”

“When I first came across Sage, I couldn’t believe she was 12 years old and running her own business,” said Pop Founder Nick Lanfranco. “Most kids at that age are opening lemonade stands, but not Sage. She is a mature young lady who is going to have a bright future!”

“I really like the Throwback,” said Offutt. “I have a very bubbly bright personality and I think that board really represents me. Pop’s video on the throwback board is actually my favorite video that they have.”

Whether she’s on a boat, surfboard or paddleboard, Offutt has always been on the water as early as she can remember. Since she was six years old paddling on Chatfield Lake with her father, Offutt found her passion for the ocean through paddleboarding.

“For me paddleboarding is a stress reliever,” said Offutt. “I can paddle on the water and just clear my mind. I’ve had a lot of experiences with dolphins. Sometimes they jump over our paddleboard, you can literally reach out and touch them. We have seen a lot of sting rays, jelly fish, turtles and a few sharks.”

Not only does Sage Paddle Co. rent boards for the visitors of Navarre, but they also deliver and teach lessons.

“I love seeing the reaction of people when they have that moment of success, when they finally do get to stand up on the board, that is really important for me. I get really passionate about that,” said Offutt. “I want to share that with other people so they know what it’s like.”

Offutt hopes to become more involved with giving back to her local community, as well.

“My mom is a special ed teacher, so I’ve grown up with a lot of autistic kids and got to work with a lot of them,” said Offutt. “I want to do something where they can get a chance to paddleboard, too.”

Today: Navarre

Tomorrow: The world

Pop is stoked to support Sage Paddle Co.!

Summer Fun With Quality Components

Summer has officially landed and that means it’s time to burn those vacation days, get out of the house, and play some hooky to on the water. There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of companies to choose from and finding the right stand up paddle board can prove a time consuming task for the most decisive of folks.

POP didn’t start out as a kayak, surfboard, or windsurfing company. We are an authentic SUP brand that has been rooted in the industry from the get-go. We’re all about doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else: crafting high quality SUP products at affordable prices that promote a waterman’s lifestyle. This is evident in our O3 Science Team’s ongoing decision to make Small Batch productions. As a Small Batch SUP brand we have the unique ability of scrutinizing each and every product we develop to ensure the highest standards for performance, construction, and longevity. We avoid over-manufacturing as it results in sub-par quality products that reflect poorly on our brand and the industry as a whole. Our brand provide riders with a product they stand behind and that will stand behind them.

Our modest selection of diverse paddle boards are perfect for cruising, surfing, endurance paddling, and white water SUP. Our team of experienced designers and shapers has spent years researching and riding to create a simplified line of boards that have something for everyone. Want to paddle surf? Check out our 9’0 Guru and 9’6 Saltwater Beaver. Looking for something stable enough to cruise, but also maneuverable enough to surf? Look no further than our 10’6 Classico and 11’6 Throwback. How about long distance and endurance paddling? That would be our 12’6 Americana. We also offer inflatable options for traveling or white water paddling. Our focus is on making quality products while not clouding an already saturated market with more boards.

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be the company that we are without our supporters and ambassadors. To kick off the summer right and thank all of you we’re going to hook you up with $100 OFF any POP SUP package.

Just use coupon code: “poplovesyou”

As always, free shipping is included within the continental United States.


Same POP Paddleboards; All New Web Experience.

Check out POP’s new digs. As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit by overhauling the entire site; and by “overhaul” we mean redesigning and redeveloping it from the ground up. “Why?” you might ask. Mainly because we want to offer our customers a more polished and user-friendly experience while browsing our wares online. Also, we just like the way it looks.

Some new additions besides the design updates include additional board specs;  from basics like length, width, weight, and thickness to detailed product descriptions and board construction. It’s never been easier to find the perfect board for your riding style.  We’ve also added more POP accessories for you to complete your purchase.  Check them out HERE.

Many of you have asked us questions about how to keep your POP gear in tip-top shape.  Good news!  We’ve added some great information regarding best practices, board care and maintenance, storage, transportation, and general tips. We’ll continue adding plenty of information to remain an industry-recognized online resource for all thing stands up paddle board. After all, knowledge is power.

There’s no doubt that change can be scary, but you can rest easy knowing that a lot of the important stuff has stayed the same. POP is still committed to offering high quality paddle boards and carefully crafted accessories at affordable prices. We will also maintain our reputation for unmatched customer service and in-depth industry knowledge. Remember how we were offering FREE shipping and a FREE paddle on all SUP board packages? Yeah, we’re still doing that. It’s a deal so good we have to capitalize the word “free” twice! POP is also proud to still be member #2893 of 1% for the Planet, and continues to donate 1% of all revenues to promote positive environmental change.  So while a lot has changed, we have managed to keep all of our core principles the same.

Browse through the site and let us know what you think. It’s your honest feedback [that] allows us to continue being the grounded company that we are. Feel free to check out our BLOG and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on sales, specials, events, and industry happenings.

Some say that we’re growing bigger. We like to think we’re growing better. Welcome to POP 2.0.

AAA Westways Magazine Feature: First-Time Guide to Paddleboarding

Westways Magazine asked POP Paddleboards for a first time guide to paddleboarding.  Naturally, we were ready to help!

Here’s a short snippet of the article:

Choose the Right Board

SUP surfboards and SUP race boards are the two most popular board forms, although many people are experimenting with different ways to utilize SUP boards. SUP surfboards tend to be shorter, between 7 and 11 feet, whereas SUP race boards range from 12.5 feet to a towering 19 feet. SUP surfboards are an ideal choice for first-timers because their greater width offers increased stability. However, you may need to experiment to find the best board for you.

Dress for Success
No matter the season, your dress options should embody one word: waterproof. Beginners might even want to wear a wet suit. Even if you don’t expect to fall into the water, Rojas recommends water-repellent clothing, a hat, or a UV-protective rash guard. You’ll also want to apply plenty of sunscreen. In addition, California law mandates that anyone using a SUP board with a paddle must wear a life jacket.

Check out the rest of the article here!