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Trailblazing your local water front. Each time we paddle out, we know that a new adventure is waiting for us.
POP understands the wants and needs of this culture because we live it. We check the conditions every morning. We’ve felt the sun on our shoulders. We know the excitement of discovering a new spot. We’ve looked out at the horizon, and had our breath taken away time, and time again.

Our founder said it best, “My focus wasn’t to build another SUP company; it was to build a community and to become a brand for purpose not just profit.” – Nick Lanfranco.
This approach is why we are the fastest growing SUP brand.

Yes.. we’re known for our vibrant and retro designs, but it doesn’t stop there. Our best innovators are our loyal customers and we take all of your ideas to heart.

Whether you’re taking the day to relax in the open water, setting foot on your first board, or prepping for the next SUP competition, we want to know how you feel. Our customer feedback is what gives our brand life. We invite you to POPUp and Paddle and reach back out to us!

Pop Paddleboards Featured in Business Rockstars

Check out POP Paddleboards CEO and Founder Nick Lanfranco guest appearance on Business Rockstars.

Passion Drives Economics Of The Paddleboarding Industry

Compared with other sporting industries, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a very small sport with a short, seasonal window. That explains why it is mainly driven by passion. It is that passion; however, which has led the sport of stand up paddleboarding to experience a surge in popularity, allowing for new entrants, board innovations and appeal to landlocked consumers that may have overlooked buying a paddleboard in the past.

One such fairly new entrant to the scene is POP Paddleboards. Created in 2012, POP Paddleboards noted the existence of strong, competitive brands in the space, but also realized room for innovation and providing customers with other choices. The larger brands include Bote Paddleboards, SIC Paddleboards and Starboard Paddleboards, which continue to breathe refreshing innovations into the growing industry. Despite the brand equity attached to those names, POP Paddleboards felt that there was an opportunity to exploit. 

“The buzz in the industry is there is not much room for any new board makers because we are seeing more of them leaving than coming,” explained POP Paddleboards creator Nick Lanfranco. “New brands do seem to emerge once in a while, but unfortunately we see them immediately moving towards a liquidation mode rather than a brand-building mode. We see POP’s opportunity in the consumer experience side of the market like retail shops, rental outfitters, tours and lessons. This is where the opportunities are wide open to enter this exciting business.  We feel it’s also a great way to start out and have a good pulse on what the true potential for stand up paddling is in the action sports industry.”

The financial graphs in the industry show a bell shaped curve where 75% of a paddleboard company’s inventory moves within 90 to 120 days. The industry is experiencing enormous growth in the number of accessories and gadgets available for paddleboards, including seats, lights, ice chests, beer holders, fishing rod holders and rowing systems. Many paddleboard companies are adding these line extensions to their brands.

POP is carving its own path, which is a commitment to making stand up paddleboarding accessible to the masses by backing up each board with what the company claims to be unmatched customer service. Its use of a fun, colorful retro style with its boards certainly seeks to set it apart from the competition. 

Lanfranco has received no financial backing to date and admits that his company continues to run very lean while constantly improving efficiency — spending dimes like dollars. 50% of POP’s revenue goes to manufacturing and supporting its growth. Marketing makes up about 15% of the budget, advertising is 10% and operational costs are 25%.

“Thanks to our talented crew of SUP ninjas we are able to internalize virtually every role demanded by our business,” added Lanfranco.

The 5-year model for POP Paddleboards is to focus on wholesale to retail partnerships. It is removing the direct-to-consumer influence on its website and creating a strong alliance with new and existing retail partners. In the interest of growing these relationships, POP will no longer be selling direct on its website.

“Taking one step back in this critical time will forge the relationship behind the driving force of our brand – the retail shops selling our brand,” said Lanfranco. ”Whether you’re a distributor ordering a container of boards or a rental outfitter starting a new business, we extend our knowledge, resources and support to make our partners successful. Growing our partners’ businesses is how we grow ours.”

The key for growth of the industry as a whole will be to turn people outside of California and Florida into passionate paddleboarding participants.

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San Diego Pop Up Show

We’re taking this show on the road…

Ok, we’re not gonna lie: Our latest and greatest Pop Up shop is just an excuse to visit friends, make new ones in awesome cities across the nation and get everyone stoked on Stand Up Paddleboarding. While we like to constantly think outside the box, we also wanted stick with our nomadic roots to better connect with our local crew and, most importantly, get people on the water. We’ve chosen more than five coastal cities to plant our Pop Up shop, so stay tuned to our social media for updates of our traveling shop whereabouts.

Once we land in a location, we will set up for five to seven days, give you the lowdown on Pop the brand and release a small batch of killer paddleboards and SUP gear you won’t want to miss. Please remember these goods will be featured on a “first come, first serve basis,” so just like the tides and wind, timing is everything! Let us stoke you and your community out for a week while you chill with your local crew, share some amazing brew, music and score some local killer deals!

Be sure to check in with our social pages for updates on our next locale! Our starting point is San Diego, so stay tuned for the location. See you on the road.

Support Your Local Stand UP Paddleboard Shop!

We hope your new year has been poppin’ so far! To kick off 2015 at Pop, we are gearing up to shine a new focus on local retail shops across the nation to make a bigger impact with our communities who support the Pop brand. We are stoked to watch many of our first-time paddleboard customers invest in the POP brand and have created their own business with POP Paddleboards.

“This horizontal move is part of our strategy to build deeper roots, We love to support our retailers across the nation, so by the end of February we are launching our new dealer locater on the website with a personal dealer page for each shop that carries our brand. Can’t find a Pop retailer near you? No worries! Drop us a line and we will hook you up.

POP Welcomes Aloha Vibes

This season we’re incorporating a little ‘Aloha’ vibe! Pop Paddleboards is excited to have recently partnered with PRS Hawaii Owner and SUP legend Edward Iglesias.

“This is the type of product I wanted to see coming to the islands,” said Iglesias. “I’ve heard great things about Pop and after checking out the products along with Nick’s vision for the brand, I felt like I was working with one of the best in the business.”

PRS Hawaii encompasses three main components of our amazing surf culture that we, as surfers and human beings, should always hold true: Passion, Respect and Spirit.

In every board created, we absorb these components so we can create high quality moments in the water. Nothing beats a stoked customer, so we partner with brands that exemplify our mission and message.

“The Hawaiian islands and Aloha spirit are a huge inspiration behind our brand,” said Pop Paddleboard Owner Nick Lanfranco. “We are so excited to finally be connected with it’s rich history and culture.”

Please stop by and visit PRS Hawaii located at 2009 Lauwiliwi St. Kapolei, HI 96707.

Or call: (808) 864 0031.

POP Paddleboards is so thankful for your support! With every purchase made, we donate one percent of sales right back to the environment through 1% For The Planet. Aloha, friends and family! See you in the water!

Ambassador Spotlight: Urban SUP

This month POP is highlighting Kristen Holly, an ambassador of the brand that owns Urban SUP. Kristin was nice enough to engage in a casual Q&A with us which we wanted to share with you.

When did you first try paddle boarding?

“It all started on a cold day in December. A friend had talked me into going paddle boarding with her, so I threw on my Uggs and met her on the lake. That was three years ago and I have been hooked ever since.”

Where’s your favorite place to SUP?

“I Spend most my time on Folsom Lake here in California because it’s beautiful and the water is so warm!”

Favorite board to paddle?

“I’d have to say that my favorite board would have to be your multi-colored throwback. It’s stable, lightweight, and glides across the water.”

How long is your average SUP session?

“I love to load the throwback on my car and head down to the water for a quick one hour workout in between teaching my fitness classes at the gym.”

How did you turn this lifestyle in a business?

“The lake is only 5 minutes away so I started taking my clients out on the water to introduce them to the sport. I found that everybody I took out loved it also and wanted a board of their own! I then went in search of the perfect paddle board.  After experimenting with several brands I finally found POP! I love the company and the laid back vibe it represents! I started Urban Sup in June of this year and have been busy selling POP boards all summer! If your ever up here in the Northern California area feel free to give me a call and we can schedule a ride! Oh and did I mention I am only an hour from beautiful Lake Tahoe?!?!”

Urban SUP is a paddle board fitness and sales operation located in  Folsom, CA. Give them a ring if you’re ever in the area to get on the water and see what she’s all about. With a waterway like that, it would be a crime not to.

Urban SUP

(916) 207-4316

Summer Fun With Quality Components

Summer has officially landed and that means it’s time to burn those vacation days, get out of the house, and play some hooky to on the water. There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of companies to choose from and finding the right stand up paddle board can prove a time consuming task for the most decisive of folks.

POP didn’t start out as a kayak, surfboard, or windsurfing company. We are an authentic SUP brand that has been rooted in the industry from the get-go. We’re all about doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else: crafting high quality SUP products at affordable prices that promote a waterman’s lifestyle. This is evident in our O3 Science Team’s ongoing decision to make Small Batch productions. As a Small Batch SUP brand we have the unique ability of scrutinizing each and every product we develop to ensure the highest standards for performance, construction, and longevity. We avoid over-manufacturing as it results in sub-par quality products that reflect poorly on our brand and the industry as a whole. Our brand provide riders with a product they stand behind and that will stand behind them.

Our modest selection of diverse paddle boards are perfect for cruising, surfing, endurance paddling, and white water SUP. Our team of experienced designers and shapers has spent years researching and riding to create a simplified line of boards that have something for everyone. Want to paddle surf? Check out our 9’0 Guru and 9’6 Saltwater Beaver. Looking for something stable enough to cruise, but also maneuverable enough to surf? Look no further than our 10’6 Classico and 11’6 Throwback. How about long distance and endurance paddling? That would be our 12’6 Americana. We also offer inflatable options for traveling or white water paddling. Our focus is on making quality products while not clouding an already saturated market with more boards.

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be the company that we are without our supporters and ambassadors. To kick off the summer right and thank all of you we’re going to hook you up with $100 OFF any POP SUP package.

Just use coupon code: “poplovesyou”

As always, free shipping is included within the continental United States.


Behind the Scenes: Free Shipping on All SUP Board Packages

It’s been said a lot, but we love what we do at POP. After all, we spend our days designing, shaping, manufacturing, and shipping paddle boards and paddle board accessories for a living; what’s not to love? It’s hard to consider working at POP a job as we collectively see it as an opportunity to think outside the box and provide share our love for the sport with millions around the world.

There’s nothing quite like starting each morning with a fresh batch of board orders in our inbox waiting to be processed. The rest of the day is spent in-and-out of creative meetings while we watch orders continue to trickle in. The bottom line is that our company’s existence wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers, ambassadors, and loyal supporters. We are grateful for the opportunity to create and sell products for the sole purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle of fitness, adventure, and fun.  POP will continue offering on FREE SHIPPING and a FREE PADDLE on all of our SUP board packages as a token of our gratitude.

We wanted to take this opportunity illustrate what a typical day in POP’s west coast offices looks like.

Same POP Paddleboards; All New Web Experience.

Check out POP’s new digs. As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit by overhauling the entire site; and by “overhaul” we mean redesigning and redeveloping it from the ground up. “Why?” you might ask. Mainly because we want to offer our customers a more polished and user-friendly experience while browsing our wares online. Also, we just like the way it looks.

Some new additions besides the design updates include additional board specs;  from basics like length, width, weight, and thickness to detailed product descriptions and board construction. It’s never been easier to find the perfect board for your riding style.  We’ve also added more POP accessories for you to complete your purchase.  Check them out HERE.

Many of you have asked us questions about how to keep your POP gear in tip-top shape.  Good news!  We’ve added some great information regarding best practices, board care and maintenance, storage, transportation, and general tips. We’ll continue adding plenty of information to remain an industry-recognized online resource for all thing stands up paddle board. After all, knowledge is power.

There’s no doubt that change can be scary, but you can rest easy knowing that a lot of the important stuff has stayed the same. POP is still committed to offering high quality paddle boards and carefully crafted accessories at affordable prices. We will also maintain our reputation for unmatched customer service and in-depth industry knowledge. Remember how we were offering FREE shipping and a FREE paddle on all SUP board packages? Yeah, we’re still doing that. It’s a deal so good we have to capitalize the word “free” twice! POP is also proud to still be member #2893 of 1% for the Planet, and continues to donate 1% of all revenues to promote positive environmental change.  So while a lot has changed, we have managed to keep all of our core principles the same.

Browse through the site and let us know what you think. It’s your honest feedback [that] allows us to continue being the grounded company that we are. Feel free to check out our BLOG and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on sales, specials, events, and industry happenings.

Some say that we’re growing bigger. We like to think we’re growing better. Welcome to POP 2.0.