Futures T1 Fin System Taking Our Paddle Boards to the Next Level

All of us at POP Paddleboards are passionate about developing and shaping high performance paddle boards. At POP, it’s not about the quantity of products we produce–but the quality, thought, and craftsmanship that goes into them. It’s about taking the time to shape, test, reshape, and retest each paddle board until we are confident that the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is because of our never ending search for quality that we’re stoked announce that all our paddle boards come stocked with Futures  T1 fin system. We rigorously tested a variety of fin systems on each of our stand up paddleboards in nearly every body of water. From surfing, to racing across the lakes, and paddling upstream it was the Futures T1 system that offered the best combination of smoothness, thrust, and maneuverability.  They seamlessly integrate with all of our paddleboards and compliment them in nearly every way–stability, control, speed, handling, thrust, and the list really goes on. Futures has been  a pioneer in the fin industry and their T1 fins are a testament to their ingenuity.