Ambassador Spotlight: Mike H.

Every once in a while at POP we take the time to showcase seemingly ordinary folks who perform some extraordinary feats, on and off the ocean.

We would like you to meet Mike. Mike doesn’t surf, he’s not a paddle boarder, and we’re pretty sure he can’t even swim.  It’s safe to say he’s not your stereotypical waterman, ripped and draped from head to toe in tribal tattoos. He’s a regular guy who works a regular job manipulating website code (We don’t even want to know what that means).  On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be too much to Mike.

So why have we decided to shine the spotlight on him? Because Mike is the shit. He’s the type of guy who chooses to spend his hard earned vacation days making the world a better place. That’s right; the two weeks he is afforded each year to take care of himself he takes care of others in need. Does he do this by anonymously donating mountains of money to nonprofit organizations? No. He personally visits orphanage after orphanage, doing whatever he can to make a child’s life brighter. Dude, the guy has built a house. A HOUSE. Cliché or not, it’s people like Mike that restore our faith in humanity.

POP Paddleboards is not all about big names or the “who’s who” in the industry. It’s not just about good paddle boarders, it’s about good people. Good people who are too easily and often overlooked, yet do more for our planet than anyone would ever guess. That’s why Mike is the shit and that’s why we’ve shone the light on him.

In recognition of his actions, POP Paddleboards would like to award Mike with a free Green 10’6” Classico along swimming lessons at Swim Safe Swim School ( in Orange, CA. Thanks Mike.
If you would like to be featured on POP’s next ambassador spotlight send us an email telling us why you’ve got what it takes. Next winner will receive a free hat!

Now get to the water.

Too Much Water for Hate

The ocean is a large and unpredictable place. Tides rise and fall, temperatures fluctuate, waves form, and sands shift. However, across all oceans and beaches there is one constant: a bitter rivalry amongst watermen. Body boarders despising short boarders, short boarders annoyed with long boarders, and long boarders sick of paddle boarders. It is to the point where beaches have established rules that segregate each group from sharing the water. How did it get to this point and is it possible for these groups to coexist peacefully? All of us at POP Paddleboards respect the rules of the water, but that doesn’t mean we won’t question them from time to time.

Boarders far and wide have one thing in common and that is that they want to have a good time. Sure, it may be easier for body boarders to catch waves than it is for short boarders, but that’s no reason to prevent the two from sharing the same break. The same goes for SUP surfers and long boarders.   Nobody owns the ocean except Mother Nature herself. Separating individuals based on their preferred board type is too extreme and alienates people who just want to surf.  Moreover, it perpetuates a deeper divide amongst watermen increasing overall tension.

Surfing, body boarding, and paddle boarding are sports driven by passion and should not be characterized by elitist rules. Encouraging respect amongst riders and adopting a mentality of giving and taking may be the answer for oceanic harmony amongst surfers.

Keep the peace:

  • Respect a rider’s right-of-way
  • If you’re paddle surfing don’t hog all the sets
  • Keep an eye out for the uninitiated
  • Stay salty

POP Paddleboards encourages our riders be mindful of fellow boarders and kick them over a wave or two. Just because you can catch every wave that comes your way doesn’t mean you should. If everyone adopts these values the water would be a more inclusive and fun place.

Poppin’ New Years

On behalf of the crew and ambassadors at POP Paddleboards we would like to send out our good vibes and wish everyone a killer 2013. We have a feeling that this is going to be an unforgettable year with plenty of sunshine, surf, and great opportunities to stand up and paddle.  We realize how lucky we’ve been this past year to do what we love and share it with people around the globe. Our resolution is to improve our paddle boards and make it even easier to get out and paddle by continuing to offer  free shipping/free paddle with every SUP purchase. We’ve been busy preparing for the launch of our new line of boards–so get ready for an annoucement in the next few days.

Futures T1 Fin System Taking Our Paddle Boards to the Next Level

All of us at POP Paddleboards are passionate about developing and shaping high performance paddle boards. At POP, it’s not about the quantity of products we produce–but the quality, thought, and craftsmanship that goes into them. It’s about taking the time to shape, test, reshape, and retest each paddle board until we are confident that the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is because of our never ending search for quality that we’re stoked announce that all our paddle boards come stocked with Futures  T1 fin system. We rigorously tested a variety of fin systems on each of our stand up paddleboards in nearly every body of water. From surfing, to racing across the lakes, and paddling upstream it was the Futures T1 system that offered the best combination of smoothness, thrust, and maneuverability.  They seamlessly integrate with all of our paddleboards and compliment them in nearly every way–stability, control, speed, handling, thrust, and the list really goes on. Futures has been  a pioneer in the fin industry and their T1 fins are a testament to their ingenuity.

About POP Paddleboards

We aim to tear down the walls and eliminate the barriers of water sports. POP’s primary mission is to make stand up paddle boarding accessible to anyone and everyone, from fresh water rivers and lakes to salt water oceans.

Simply put, POP is a culmination of people who are attracted to water and love being in it. We are veteran 9 to 5ers spending every free moment we have on a board, paddle at the ready, in the nearest body of water we can find. POP Paddleboards is the brainchild of a family of adventure seekers and water lovers. We embody a life that encourages exploration, fitness and above all — fun.

We are hell-bent on providing an all-inclusive identity for the paddle board lifestyle. The POP family aspires to achieve this by putting our combined passions for the sport into every single product we manufacture, maintaining affordability without sacrificing quality and performance. From our hand shaped paddle boards and ultra-light SUP paddles to our line of technical outerwear and accessories — we want anyone and everyone rocking our gear to feel like an ambassador of stand up paddle boarding. YOU ARE POP.