Surf & SUP Event Fun: USPFCA

All of us at POP were stoked to be at the United States Police & Fire Championships at Trestles beach, CA. It was a killer time—we sat, we watched, we surfed, and we conquered. What’s not to love about spending three full weekdays on the sand demoing our boards and seeing a few on the water during the competition? Did we mention that this was during one of the best swells of the year? Needless to say, we snuck out on a few occasions to get in on the action.

We’d like to shout out to the boys at Danai Surf & SUP in Orange, CA for donating some boards and sponsoring the event. We had an awesome time kicking it with those guys and getting some sick waves.

The USPFC dates back to 1967 in San Diego. Originally titled the “Police Olympics”, it was meant to promote physical fitness in hopes of reducing stress amongst police officers while increasing their professional abilities. Since then, the organization has gone international and now includes firefighters. More and more countries around the globe are adopting these competitions to support and enhance their police and fire servicemen.

Major props to all those participating in the short board, long board, and SUP competitions that commemorated each day.

To learn more about the United States Police & Fire Championships, check out their website at: